365 D.o.G. - Day 182: Aion Online (Halfway Point!)

Written by Viktor Muller on Tue, Jul 2, 2013 9:05 AM
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Now, when most of us make a new year's resolution, we're lucky if we can make it last a few months; going to the gym or losing weight just gets to be too much.

OSUBoarder is made of much stronger stuff though, and he's just reached day 182 in his quest - half way to the end of the year! Read on for a run down of his year so far in Day 182 of the 365 Days Of Gaming...

Well, here we are; at a great milestone that I was unsure of ever reaching. This is finally the halfway point in my 365 Days of Gaming project and I must say that I could never have done it without you guys. I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do for today to commemorate this moment. I’ve thought of numerous games to play or activities to do with the GD community. Most of the game just seemed ordinary and any activity would require some serious pre-coordination as there are massive time differences between the members of GD. I also have the one year mark of my time on Game Debate coming up and the end of this month so I did not want to do too much now and run out of ideas.


What I have decided to do instead, along with today’s game, is take some time to thank the kind people here that have helped me along the way and made this project that much more fun. First and foremost I have to thank Felix. Without him this site would not be possible and we would not have this awesome community. Along with him are the people that seem to always be on, improving the site: Tero, Pip, cham0d, Raystlyn, Oratane and all of the other admins who make this site great, just to name a few. Most importantly, I must thank each and every member who has taken the time to read and comment on my posts for the last few months. Without you guys I probably would have stopped this project a long time ago. Thank you!!! I’ve enjoyed not only talking with you guys but also reading the material you put out and playing games with you guys when I can. Feel free to hit me up on Steam and we will see if we can’t get a game going. This website has taken over from Facebook for me and I usually enjoy being here more than on Facebook or Twitter. That wouldn’t happen if it were not for all of the wonderful people here.

The Beginning…

With this site in a perpetual state of expansion, there are always new members joining a new people reading my posts. I have had a few people what this was all about, how it started, etc so I thought it would be a good idea to recap a little. Basically this project is one where I play a game and review it every day for a year, starting last New Year’s Day. Most of them are free to play, indie, MMOs, etc but I also will cover the occasional “big” release such as Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and so on and so forth. I had started doing these big reviews but with school, this project, and other duties it was becoming harder to play games enough in one week for me to feel comfortable writing about it. My inspiration for this project came from a few sources, but the biggest was from my cousin. She had just finished a 365 day picture project where she took a picture of herself every day. I liked the idea but I am not a big picture guy. I do however enjoy playing games and writing so I decided on this project and now here I am. There have been times where completing a day has been tough and times when my sources would run dry but I have managed to push through, largely with the help and support of the wonderful people here.

Next I would like to recap some of my personal favorites in this project so far as well as some notable mentions. I’ll put a link to the post so you guys can check them out if you want to.                  

*= Denotes free to play

                           - Saints Row 3                         - Limbo

                           - Sniper Elite V2                       - To the Moon

                           - Ghost Recon Online*             - Terraria

                           - Crysis                                    - Frozen Synapse

                           - Warframe*                            -Sleeping Dogs

                           - Hawken*                               - Nitronic Rush*

                           - Offensive Combat*                - Perspective*

                           - Dear Esther                           - Toribash*

                           - Smite*                                   - Burnout Paradise

                           - Pokemon 3D*                        - World of Warplanes*

                           - Wurm Online*                       - One Late Night*

                           - Slender*                               - Civilization 5

                           - Gunpoint                               - Zineth*

                           - Spec Ops the Line                - Soldier Front 2*


These are only a few of some of the truly incredible games that I found though the duration of this project. What this project has really taught me is that games are more than just something used to pass the time. In some cases, such as To the Moon and Limbo, games can become true works of art and tell stories much better than most movies can. I also found out that gaming can be much cheaper than most people may notice. I was never what I would call a AAA fanboy that bought the newest game just for the name, but I never realized how large the community and library of free and indie games truly is. Though I play and review a mix of different games, I tried to find really good free to play games in the project so that I could share them with other people who, like myself, do not have $60 to drop on each new game. What I find funny is that for most big release games, I can now name a free to play game that is almost just as good or better in some cases. I have also tried to mix in every genre that I could think of so I could expand not only the reader’s horizons, but mine as well. I was never a huge fan of RTS, turn-based or Civ style games before this, but now I absolutely love them. You never know, that new game might just become a new favorite.

------Today’s Game------

Aion Online (Ascension)

Aion Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG. The game was released by NCsoft in 2008 with numerous different versions and updates released throughout the years and in different countries. The game was originally a subscription based game that went free to play but with some restrictions in the European version in terms of trading and crafting.

The game is set in a fantasy setting where there is an epic battle between two different races known as the Asmodians and the Elyos. Both sides blame the other for the destruction and utter downfall of their world, Atreia. Because of this they have gone to war with one another in a struggle that is sure to claim many lives and ravage the lands all across Atriea. When starting the game you have your choice of side. Neither faction appears to carry any significant weight over the other one, at least in early play, so the choice does not matter much. After this you will have the choice to create your character. The creation process is incredibly detailed and is honestly one of the most detailed I have seen in a game. If all of this is too overwhelming there are also some premade characters that you can play as. Once this is done, you are thrown in the world as a lowly peasant and must work your way up to an immortal being capable of flight and terrific power.

Much like other RPGs, you start in a small town that will serve as your base for the beginning of the game. Here is the hub for the merchants, quests, and other players that will become a huge part of the game. You can also use this space to trade with other players and craft new items out of the loot that you find. You are not heavily armed and will only have a small knife of sword, depending on the class that you choose to play as. For me it seemed like the game started out very slow and was sort of dragging along. There also seemed to be little in the way of instruction or tutorial. I felt like I was just thrown into it headfirst with a bunch of things on my screen and no idea what they did or what they were used for. This may not be a problem for those familiar with this type of game but I am not one of those people. As I played on though, I slowly got the hang of it and I least got by on the basic functions. There are different forms of quests that the player can take on. There are campaign quests that make up the backbone of the game and through which the story is told. These are generally more complex and may take more time to complete but they also reap higher rewards. You can also choose to complete small quests that are not needed for the story but can net more loot and gold which you can use to upgrade your loot and skills.

The game is based heavily on questing and it is through these that the story is told. You start out as a small time raider for a local rebel force and then you slowly work your way up through the ranks as you perform better in each task. Upgrading means better weapons and armor as well as special skills and magic that will be devastating on the battlefield. Once you reach a certain level and status in the game you gain the ability to fly, albeit for a really short amount of time. This adds a whole new dynamic to every part of the game, including combat, questing, and travel. That’s right; you can fight each other in the sky, soaring above the ground. There is limited flight time that can be increased with different armor and items available to the player as well as through potions and upgraded skills. I did particularly like this element of the game because I have not found many MMORPGs that allow flight in combat and travel. With the exception of some certain areas, the entire world is open the freedom of flying and it is often beneficial to explore everywhere to collect loot.

Final Thoughts

With games like this that contain hours upon hours of gameplay, it would be hard to fully experience it in a week, much less one day. It is important to state that this is more of a first impressions look than a full review. From what I played, Aion appears to be a very in depth game and the end game armor, weapons, stats look like they are very powerful and quite fun to use. As with any RPG there will be some grinding in order to level up but there seems to be a captivating story that will make playing more fun and will provide motivation to make it through those difficult quests and dull grindings. If you want to read more or play the game yourself, you can find it here.


So as we wrap up today’s post, I just want to thank you guys once again for all of the love and support I have gotten throughout this little project. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this site last year and enjoy writing simply for the fact of giving back to the community. I love reading all of the news and content submitted by everyone here and I cannot think of a better site for everything gaming related. I look forward to the next 182 days and I hope that I am doing at least some good by presenting these games. Remember, I am always open to suggestions and I would love to play anything that you send my way. Besides that, I have no other news so peace out fellow GDers and thanks for reading!

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17:32 Jul-02-2013

Grats man. Heck of an achievement. Glad to see you make it this far.

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14:32 Jul-02-2013

Congratz for reaching another milestone :)

11:59 Jul-02-2013

Nice mate.

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11:08 Jul-02-2013

ah man this is an excellent project
i know i would have been bored and given up on the second week, but THE FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE

09:35 Jul-02-2013

this is over the top ambitious, the 365 D.O.G

09:32 Jul-02-2013



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