Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to be released on 17th of September for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with all other platforms being considered but unfortunately not confirmed.

Rockstar do keep giving us dribbles of info though, including today's snippet about the gangs you'll find in the game, as well as the police...

GTA V Gangs and Cops Detailed

In GTA V (which is of course based on San Andreas), gang members still roam around the streets of Los Santos, and some of the gangs are more interested in fighting the cops than any opposing gang members. Players can use that to their advantage when escaping from the authorities by smartly maneuvering ourselves through the rival gang areas to lose the cops that are on your tail.

Don't think it will just be a walk in the park though; the cops in GTA V are said to use "advanced driving tactics", so you'll have to pull some fancy moves of your own (or just change the colour of your car, naturally). We have also heard that the full reputation system from GTA 4 will not be making a return.

Based on what we know, it seems like the gangs will be given a much more dynamic and important role in Los Santos compared to Grand Theft Auto 4, and the chance to use gangs to help make your escape will definitely be an interesting dynamic. Depending on your relationships with the gangs, you may not be allowed to run heists in certain parts of the city, or on the flipside you might be able to recruit people to help you.

Would you guys like to see the full blown reputation system come back? How many ways do you think you'll be able to use the gangs? Tell us below.