Tru Blu Entertainment Announces AFL Live 2

Written by Shivam Kumar on Fri, Jul 5, 2013 11:21 AM
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Tru Blu Entertainment has revealed today that they are making a sequel to their original AFL Live game; unsurprisingly titled AFL Live 2.

This Australian Football League game will be releasing at the end of this year, and includes an incredible chunk of history with the extended career mode...

AFL Live 2 is going to feature an epic 15 year career mode, letting you play through historic tournaments and events. The press release reads:

“[The game has] comprehensive career mode, spanning 15 years, allowing fans to manage their players and their team all the way from the TAC Cup through the Peter Jackson VFL and into the Toyota AFL Premiership Season.”                

This new long lasting career mode will have many parts, including Training, sponsorships, staffing, tribunals, emails, drafting and trading, all of which will need careful management. This new mode is expected to deliver you the experience of being a real football player, playing for the team you choose.

What do you guys think of Australian Football versus Rugby or American Football? Do you think the extended career mode will be worth it? Tell us below!

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