Aliens: Colonial Marines was a very interesting release earlier this year, with incredible numbers of complaints that the game looked and played nothing like the early previews.

The final DLC is soon to be released, this time adding to the singleplayer campaign rather than the multiplayer; some hope it can help save the game...

Aliens: Colonial Marines Getting Final DLC

The installment, called Stasis Interrupted, still hasn't been officially announced; but the Playstation Trophies attached to the game have been updated, revealing it's existence.

The trophies are actually full of various achievements that are linked to the story, so it's not advised to go digging them out if you don't want anything spoiled. We do know however that this DLC will be attempting to tie in various locations and enemies from the series of films the game is based on.

So what do you think, will this DLC be able to salvage the thoroughly disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines? Tell us what you think below!