It truly is sad when you see a game with as much cuteness as Cube World being attacked from all sides for no real reason.

It was assumed initially that the game's servers were being brought down by a horde of eager individuals trying to buy the game, but it's now been discovered to be a DDOS...

Cube World Being DDOSed, Struggling To Sell Game

The attack has brought down the game page ever since the store first went live, meaning many people are unable to purchase the game at all. They have managed to sell the game outside of their own store, and are currently working on a fix to allow people to once again purchase their game.

Cube world looks like a fantastic cross between Minecraft and an old school RPG such as The Legend Of Zelda. With Voxels, adorable characters, breathtaking vistas, endless terrain to explore (procedurally generated) and more weapons, armor and pets than you can shake a stick at, it's hard not to admire the game - and it's still only in Alpha!

Don't feel you're stranded on your own either; the game currently supports 4 player co-op, and the developer has been talking about increasing that to almost MMO status.

For more information about the game, check out their site here.

Can you guys think of any reason why these devs are having their pages DDOSed? Do you think this will hurt them, or will they bounce back even stronger? Tell us below!