Rockstar Games confirmed they will release the official gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 tomorrow.

There's been a lot of GTA 5 news flowing through GD lately and now we are close to the first gameplay video...

First Gameplay Video of GTA 5 imminent!

Rockstar is finally giving it's fans what they've been clamouring for, a first look at the mechanics of GD's most anticipated game this year.

GTA V will unveil the video at 10.00 a.m. EST / 3.00 p.m. BST [via Twitter]

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the 15th game in the series overall, and will be the first major title in the franchise after 2008's Grand Theft Auto 4. It is set in the fictional city of Los Santos of the San Andreas state - also featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - and will sport 3 main protagonists, a first for the franchise.


The game is scheduled to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 17th September 2013. Rockstar is still quiet about a PC version of the game, some goes for a Wii version.

The video will be added to our database shortly after it's reveal, so dont go far as you can count down the hours until the trailer release tomorrow.

So GD'ers, how excited are you for this game? Were you waiting for this official gameplay video to warrant it's purchase? Or did you already pre-order it? Shout below!