It took around 2 years of development, but we're finally getting rid of all those Beta invites! Dota 2 has released today; or at least, starting to release.

The game will be slowly being made available around the world as Valve ensure the new player rush doesn't crash the servers for those already playing...

Dota 2 Officially Released

Anyone who wants to play the game should go to the game page here, and click the button to join the queue. Once Valve is ready for you, you'll be emailed and will be able to play as you like! With the tutorial mode now just about complete, there's a basic introduction to the game if you don't have a friend to help.

Once you've played a few restricted hero games to help you learn, you'll have the entire pool of heroes available to you; there's no restrictions on hero pool at all. Of course, there are chests, hats, masks, wings, horses, swords, lances and countless more items in the store that you can buy if you like, with many more being added from the community Workshop regularly.

Those of us who are already in the game, you'll find your beta keys have disappeared - don't worry! You'll soon be getting a special edition pass that shows how many players you invited to the beta, just for showing off.

So what do you guys think, will this expand the playerbase a lot? Have you already got all of your friends playing the game? Tell us below!