I think everyone and their dog must have seen the GTA V Gameplay Trailer by now, and many have commented on it; but nobody as impressive as Hideo Kojima!

The creator of the Metal Gear series confessed his admiration of the trailer, and compared it to his own upcoming game Metal Gear Solid 5...

Hideo Kojima Commends GTA V Trailer

In a tweet, Kojima said (approximately translated):

"That new GTA V trailer was awesome! That level of freedom is the future of gaming, and is far better than any other games. It makes me depressed..."

He continued, explaining that he didn't think Metal Gear Solid V would be able to compete:

"I don't think our "V" can reack that level. Rockstar's team are the best. Without question they will raise the potential of future games."
Many fans are already coming to Metal Gear's defence, pointing out that the sort of gameplay expected in GTA V is nothing like what the fans want from the series. Still, many more are respecting him for admitting another game is better than his - something you'll almost never see a western game company do.

What do you think, is Kojima right? Is it fair to compare two different games like GTA V and MGS V? Tell us your thoughts below.