New information can come from the most unlikely places, this time, we've heard some fascinating news about GTA V from the Japanese magazine, Famitsu.

It seems Call of Duty won't be the only game making a big deal of your dog, as "Chop" will be your loyal companion in GTA V - if you take care of him...

Famitsu Reveals Info On GTA V Dog

Among the translated hints dropped is the info that you will be able to customise your dog, called Chop, with different collars and other accessories. If you don't take care of him though, it's possible to lose him - the translation isn't clear if it means Chop can die or just needs to be found again. There's also no word on if you can get a different dog, for those who like chihuahuas.

We do know that you can hunt wild animals, of which there are at least 15, all with brand new animations to make them even more lifelike. In fact, the Rockstar team have been going all out with walking animations, with each of our three protagonists having their own set to further distinguish them.

We've also heard that the underwater content won't be entirely left to the player to find; there's a mission needing both Michael and Trevor which will involve a dive, and you will be able to get out to the site on jet skis.

The game will release on October 10th in Japan, less than a month behind the September 17th release date for the rest of us.

What do you guys think, will Chop play a big part in the game, or is he just there for companionship? Will you look for the poor guy if he gets lost? Tell us below!