Games are always walking the fine line between realism and fun; commuting to work is realistic, but completely uninteresting (except Desert Bus).

Rockstar seem to be making an odd choice then, saying that GTA V will give out parking tickets, possibly even towing your car...

When your car gets towed, you only have one alternative...

Today's leaks are from the Spanish gaming site Area Jugones, translated here for your reading pleasure.

Most of the new leaks are just confirming that each of our three protagonists are individual people, with their own bank accounts and cars. We know of course that the cars are very customisable in the game, and you'll be able to do a lot with them - from acting as a taxi service, to blowing them up! In fact, just how you can blow them up is rather impressive: (adjusted translation)

"You will be able to drill a hole in your gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run away and light the fuel trail to blow the car sky high."                                                   

Since you've got such pimped cars though, as well as punishments for not parking correctly, you'll be a much safer driver, and probably steal fewer cars - who would have thought that there would be less Grand Theft Auto in Grand Theft Auto V?

What do you think, is this too much realism, or does it make you more invested in the game? Do you guys think you'll get your car towed at some point? Tell us below!


Thanks to MrDjKhubaib for the tip.