Gamersgate Deals - 24th Feb

Written by Felix Nova on Thu, Feb 24, 2011 1:34 PM
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The more astute of visitors may have noticed the extra, better placed buttons to Gamersgate, the online digital download store. We have recently entered into a partnership with Gamersgate, whereby when any of you, our hardcore PC gaming visitors, venture in to their download store and buy a game we will be paid a bit of the purchase. Providing it is within a few days of clicking our link.

One of our reasons for doing this is to make sure you have the best place to get the latest games one link jump from visiting us here at Game-Debate. The other driving reason is in an attempt to meet our growing server and development costs. Advertising pays shit all unless people click on the adverts and often they are shit adverts, so why would you click?

Our goal for Game-Debate, if you are unaware, is to provide the PC gaming community with the tools and information that allows you to get the most out of your, often powerful, gaming PCs. To be able to make informed confident gaming purchases without resorting to the alternative route of purchasing a less powerful console (where you know if you buy a game, it will run).

And so we will be periodically casting our eyes across the Gamersgate pages with a view to identifying some of their current deals and bringing them to your attention. Hopefully knowing that when you purchase something from Gamersgate after following our link, we will get a bit of your hard earned money and put it to further use here on Your site.

What we have noticed over the past year is that Gamersgate have done an amazing job at stepping up to Steam by offering top notch, huge releases as they come out.


For example


Shogun 2 Total War

Dawn of War 2 - Retribution

Dragon Age 2

Dead Space 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2

But where Gamersgate have always really been ahead of the competition is with their back catelogue and indie titles.


Here are a few others that caught our eye but they are only available at this price for a timed period...

Riddick Assault on Dark Athena - Just 7.98 at the moment

Trapped Dead - Pre-Order for Just 15.98

Star Trek Online - Just 4.75

I want to point out that Gamersgate have been a supporter of GD since our humble beginnings, a few years ago so we are familiar with the solid service their digital platform provides.

So go with our blessing and buy your new games from this wonderful digital store and always feel free to report back on your findings. Remember to pop back here occasionally though and follow one of our links.


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