Earlier, we heard that the Xbox One would support self publishing for indie developers. Alongside that announcement was word that dev capabilities could be enabled on any Xbox One console.

This naturally led people to talk about one of the biggest differences between consoles and PC games, Modding, and it seems that at least the Xbox One could support mods in the next generation...

Xbox One Could Support Mods

When asked on Reddit, Major Nelson said:

"It's up to developers to support [mods]. These are two very different things."

The comment heavily implies that it will be possible to play mods on the Xbox One, as long as the tools are provided by the development teams. Many games won't support it, but we may see it being added for the usual suspects, such as Bethesda games or possibly even GTA V.

Various Indie games have had a great time implementing the Steam Workshop, a community mod manager, which allows you to have your mods voted on and added to steam games with just a few clicks. If Microsoft supported this level of functionality, it could be a hard knock to the Playstation 4 - assuming they don't support it of course.

What do you guys think, will we see console games finally getting mods? Or will they be too buggy for Microsoft to endorse? Tell us your thoughts below!