Now, don't get us wrong - screenshots are lovely. When you're pumping them out like Rockstar have been though, a little something different is always nice.

So, now you get to revel in the artistic talent of Patrick Brown as he re-creates the GTA V protagonists; or take a look at the fancy new Xbox Live avatars...

GTA V Trio: Micheal, Franklin And Trevor

Patrick Brown isn't affiliated with Rockstar, he just likes drawing; and who better to draw than Franklin, Trevor and Michael! His recently launched website (here) hasn't got a lot on it at the moment, but hopefully he'll give us more of his unique take on the crew. His full piece can be seen on the right.

This is not the only new thing that we've seen recently. There are now new GTA V avatar accessories available on Xbox Live, to show off to anyone who views your profile how much of a fan you are. These new accessories include a t-shirt with GTA V logo, Diving suits, the Bugstars outfit and even a cute little Chop!

PSN already has ten GTA V avatars, costing $0.49 each to show on your profile.

GTA V definitely looks like it's going to make a splash, with everyone talking about the game and making content for it. Have you guys created anything GTA V? What do you think of the fan artwork being made? Tell us below!