Surely people apply to work on a countries Classification Board so they can play games like GTA V early? If those people actually got the job then we would likely see a more lenient approval process for games.

After the double rejection of Saints Row 4, Australian gamers were worrying about the classification of upcoming open-world mega title, Grand Theft Auto 5 and rightly so. Well you can rest easy dear Aussie friends, GTA V got approval from the Australian Classification Board...

GTA V Not Banned in Australia

Unsurprisingly GTA V has been rated 18+, which means young gamers should not play it. But of course every GTA title before it was also an 18+ release.

The classification board revealed that Grand Theft Auto 5 features strong impact themes, violence, language, nudity, and sex. As well as high-impact drug use. For which the game has got the maximum age rating for the country. Makes you wonder whats in Saints Row IV to get it banned, doesnt it? The board also lists that Rockstar submitted the original copy of the game, so this might mean that Australia will get the same game as the entire world, no exclusive Australian pack is expected.

GTA V is due out on September 17 on current gen consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360. And still no confirmed word on a PC version despite the online petition reaching nearly 300,000 signatures. A while ago Co-founder Dan Houser said that the PC version is up for consideration.

So, will you be able to play the game in Australia after this rating? How many of you want the PC version to be released along with console version? Tell us below.