Sci-fi RTS Meridian New World Release First Trailer

Written by Felix Nova on Thu, Aug 1, 2013 10:42 AM
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Think James Cameron's Avatar and you will get a pretty good idea about the setting when it comes to Headup Game's new title, Meridian: New World.

Meridian is a sci-fi strategy game that focuses heavily on the single player story arch. It is likely due out next year but we have just been passed the new trailer so lets take a look...

You are Commander Daniel Hanson and you are among the first to arrive on the planet Meridian.  As you explore you begin to uncover dark secrets surrounding the planet and its history.

Meridian: New World will try and deliver the player countless options that directly impact the world and your story. Each decision should help guide your own battle strategies, which in turn offers varying equipment options for your units and special abilities to your character.

The game then plays through in classic RTS style where you can use your abilities in battle and directly influence the flow of battle.

It doesnt take an RTS specialist to say that the game actually looks a tonne like Starcraft 2 but HeadsUp are stating that their focuse is on singleplayer story development. The true impact of this approach is yet to be seen as little seems to be explored in the trailer and they are obviously aware that Starcraft 2 has a lot of the RTS Sci-fi multiplayer genre locked down, so that wouldnt be a very viable direction for the title to go in anyway.

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17:52 Aug-01-2013

Personally I thought the trailer was great. Some good digs at Starcraft and it showed how the game was different without giving too much away. Plus the only reason I even player Starcraft 2 WoL was for the story, so this maybe for me :) I like multiplier, but only really like vs AI matches so this is music to my ears.

11:59 Aug-01-2013

haven't heard of this game until now
looks pretty interesting
anyone knows a good sci-fi RTS mmo?

admin approved badge
11:53 Aug-01-2013

Looks cool. I'm glad they are focusing on Single Player :)

11:07 Aug-01-2013

looks very interesting, wouldnt mind to see diablo style sci-fi looking rpg any time soon too.. fed up with ordinary fantasy type of games :(


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