As some of you may know, The International 3 DOTA 2 tournament started this past weekend, with the main event beginning this Wednesday.

We know you guys are desperate for a place to talk to your fellow GD buddies about the competition, so we made an event for it; it's got all the information you could want...

GD Watches: The International 3

The International 3 is Valve's own tournament for the game, and features a $1.6 million prize pool - at least, that's where it started. By buying an International Compendium, players could not only get a way to follow the game, creating fantasy teams and winning couriers, but they could add $2.50 to the prize pool. The current total prize stands at $2.7 million, with first place taking home $1.4 million all to themselves.

With countries around the world like Singapore, Ukraine, China, the USA and Sweden all representing their home countries in the competition, everyone has a chance to watch the tournament and cheer on their favourite teams!

So, if you're interested, head on over to the event and leave your comments! Who do you think is going to win?