New Grand Theft Auto 5 info has been revealed to press. Some of the details seem a little questionable regarding reliability but were claimed to have been taken from one of the missions entitled “Blitz Play”.

Lets get straight in and see what GTA V is reported to have in store for us and then lets discuss how likely they are to be true...

More Grand Theft Auto 5 Details - Fact or Fiction

GTA 5 extra details. Are these fact or do some of them not ring true?

Michael will have “Bullet time” similar to what we have seen in Max Payne, which will be very useful in fire fights.

Franklin can employ something similar to Michael's ability, but while in fast cars and vehicles. This is for use when the player wants to make sharp turns or risky manoeuvres.

Trevor's ability allows him to take only half damage while being able to deliver double damage in return, making him a real bruiser in a fight.

Trevor coexists with drug addicts and bikers

All “powers” from the characters will be activated with the button L3/LS

Despite initial thoughts, Michael does not actually begin the game living in a mansion. Instead he lives in the gorgeous Hotel Von Crastenburg. This represents his nomadic, playboy lifestyle.

Michael begins wealthy.

The main focus on Michaels missions will be high risk, as he allows the player to mix with the Los Santos criminal big shots.

Michael was the original GTA V protagonist planned for the game. If a boss among the three player characters had to be chosen Michael would likely be it.

Franklin's home is located in southern Los Santos.

Franklin has no family and no money.

Lamar is Franklins colleague and a member of Grove Street gang.

The majority of Franklin's missions will be based around gang wars and racing.

Franklin fits the more standard GTA player character profile. Beginning his criminal career and we join him as he is trying to get ahead in life.

Normally Grand Theft Auto allows the player to unlock huge sections of the map as certain parts of the campaign are completed. GTA V on the other hand will start with the entire world unlocked from the start so the player can explore the world at their own pace regardless of the campaign.

GTA V will have side missions known as Heists. These will not be part of the core campaign or story arch.

GTA V will include purchasable, currently unannounced DLC. Rockstar have not said when.

Public transport routes will feature around Los Santos. Bus routes will be usable by the player.

Base jumping will be possible in GTA V. Rockstar describes them as "An opportunity to enjoy the incredible scenery."

GTA 4 was considered a little too serious by the majority of gamers. GTA 5 will tone down the amount of seriousness and focus on making the game more fun.

The player will discover many motocross trails and tracks scattered around the nearby mountain sides.

The GTA V world will of course be full of pedestrians and you will encounter people crossing roads, especially in the heart of the city.

When driving a car, the view from the cars hood will not display that boat like rocking that previous GTA titles have had. The car will be firmly fixed to the ground to avoid player motion sickness.

Mini sport games that will be included in GTA 5 will include, yoga, triathlon, tennis, golf and more.

You can change player hairstyles in game.

In the game there will be a social network where you can see videos

Photos taken in game can be uploaded to the Grand Theft Auto Social Club.

Rockstar said that Franklin's look has changed the most since the beginning of the games development.

Weapon customization is vast. The player will have a wide array of ways to customize guns. This will include silencers, holographic sights, extended cartridges and more.

The weapon sights are again similar to Max Payne 3s. There will be the normal white reticle when targeting an enemy. It will turn red when you shoot the enemy and it will turn to an X when the shot is fatale.

There are 3 sight modes in game to represent the level of support the game will give to the player when they try to take aim on an enemy. The traditional one is called Soft Lock where some auto targeting will happen to assist the gamepad wielding gamer. Then there is Free Aim, which leaves the gamer complete control to miss or hit depending on skill and speed with the gamepad and then there is Hard Lock, for people who want total assist, the reticle will snap to the enemy instantly.

Rockstar Tip 1: If your plan is to steal a plane, go with Trevor, he is the best pilot.

There will be a huge selection of vehicle customisations in GTA 5. You can customize paint, wheels, grilles, spoilers, improve the suspension, improve the engine and improve the brakes of your vehicle.

Rockstar Tip 2: Want a swift escape in a vehicle, go with Franklin, he is the best driver.

Interesting GTA V Facts

Trevor is the third character in the series to appear in his underwear

Trevor has 2 tattoos. One that says "Cut here" and another that says "f*ck you". These are found on his neck and fingers.


Lots of exciting new info in there. It all sounds pretty plausible, whats your thoughts? GTA IV broke game sale records, can GTA V do the same?