Everyone's getting excited about Nvidia's latest Earnings call, which contained hints that we would be seeing a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V much earlier than expected.

In the talk, Nvidia detailed how their GPU range was looking strong for the end of the year, citing strong titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV and Grand Theft Auto V...

Nvidia Hints At PC Version Of GTA V This Fall

Nvidia were talking about their growing performance in the PC market, even with tablet PC's taking up an ever larger share. Take a look at the context:

"PC gaming performed particularly well in reaching our product mix, growing our share of GPU revenue at driving margins to another record high.

The PC market is evolving. As entry level laptops face pressure from tablets. Yet sales of specialty PCs like gaming systems and work stations continue to grow. The disparity reflects how consumers use these different classes of PCs. Many consumers look for PC as a general purpose device they can use for browsing, email, social media video. But much of this can be better served by a tablet. In contrast, gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises, such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin's Creed IV."

It's not stated outright that GTA V will be appearing this fall, as you can of course prepare your system for the game's release a long time in advance.

What do you guys think, was this just picking large franchise names out of a hat, or does it hint at something more? Tell us your thoughts below.


Thanks to Warmice and numerous others for the tip!