It seems Valve know exactly what their cash cow is, and are happy to milk it across their line - files have appeared in CounterStrike: Global Offensive that point at Chests and Keys being added.

Due to the competitive nature of the game, the items will only be cosmetics, as well as allowing support of eSport tournament prize pools...

CounterStrike: Global Offensive Getting Cosmetics

The chests will probably be added in the same update that brings silencers back to the series, and will contain a number of weapon skins. It's also likely that we'll be seeing Strange modifiers appearing, which will track your kills with certain weapons.

Here's an example of some of the weapon skins we've seen so far; over 50 have been found, as well as alternate knife models.


The eSports chest will take the place of The International 3's Compendium, a portion of the proceeds of which was added to the prize pool for the tournament. By the end, over $1 million had been added to the prize pool, and now fans of CS: GO can help to make their favourite tournaments better.

The update will also bring back the silenced weapons from CounterStrike: Source: the M4A1-S, and the USP-S. The M4A1-S will be a separate weapon, with a smaller magazine and lower recoil, as well as a slightly lower cost.

What do you guys think, will this end up with some excessively silly skins like TF2 has? How much do you want a strange knife? Tell us below!


Thanks to cham0d for the tip.