Microsoft made many fans when they released the Xbox 360 controller, with a USB connector and the ability to be used on a PC; finally, a reliable controller to play arcade games.

Microsoft have confirmed that the latest version, the Xbox One controller, will indeed be usable once more on PC; but not until 2014...

Xbox One Controller Coming To PC By Next Year

The delay comes as Microsoft need the time to re-write all the software for PC, especially things like the new Wireless protocol. Compatibility issues also need to be addressed, ensuring that the new controller is compatible with anything that used the Xbox 360 controller.

This level of backwards compatibility would have been lovely to see on the games side as well, but we won't complain; many games like Super Meat Boy become far more playable once you are using a controller rather than the keyboard and mouse setup that most PC gamers have.

How many PC gamers are interested in the new Xbox One controller? Does a controller improve a lot of games, or do you play them all with a keyboard and mouse? Tell us below.