Can Sam's chin stubble get any rougher or more jagged? We decided to benchmark the new Blacklist on a handful of rigs to give some real world performance frame rates to help you all see for yourselves.

First up in our benchmark analysis reviews for Blacklist is the AMD Radeon HD 6670. This graphics card is fairly commonplace around the world and is getting pretty old, so many people may be thinking of upgrading. Are you needing a nudge to upgrade your GPU or will it still play Blacklist just fine...

Splinter Cell Blacklist Benchmarks AMD Radeon HD 6670

We recently reviewed Blacklist, so if you want to get to know what makes it a great game then head over and check it out.

First of all let me introduce you to Jerry. Jerry is our low end PC that we like to roll out for benchmarking tests, such as this one.

One really important point to note about Jerry is that he has a very weak version of the AMD HD6670 graphics card inside him. So let me show you some details from our GPU

We then ran a test against one of our members benchmarks to see how our Jerry stacks up to an average HD6670

Passmark 3D Graphics Benchmarks For Our Test Graphics Card

JERRY's HD6670: 757

Normal HD6670: 1075

Ok, so there you go. A pretty significant 30% difference between a regular HD 6670 and Jerry's weaker HD6670.


Splinter Cell Blacklist Benchmarked on AMD FX-6100 AMD Radeon HD 6670 8GB RAM. 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1366x768 screen resolutions

Blacklist review on AMD Radeon HD 6670 and DX11

Unfortunately, Blacklist felt less than stable on Jerry. Only the low graphical setting at 1366x768 screen resolution really delivered a stable experience. It didnt feel like there was any point in increasing the graphics setting to make SC Blacklist look better as the visual enhancement did not out weigh the impact on gameplay performance. The thing that might be worth a consideration would be to increase screen resolution up to 1600x900, while keeping the graphics settings on low.

While 1600x900 on low graphics was just playable it did tend to lose a handful of FPS (around a loss of 3-4 FPS) on the action scenes, which made them a little too clunky for our liking.

What the more astute of you would have noticed from the graph above, is that for some reason the high setting option crippled our performance. It was far worse than even having the game running on Ultra graphics setting and the Blacklist frames per second results show that.

Over the coming week we will test the Splinter Cell Blacklist performance on a range of different machines to see what can and cant get an acceptable gaming experience from our covert buddy, Sam Fisher. We will also explore the advanced graphics settings that are available to the PC gamer in more detail as well.

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