Splinter Cell: Blacklist's Steam version is currently refusing to step out of the shadows in a number of territories around the world.

For many people, the hotly anticipated sneak-em-up is currently sitting at the ‘pre-load complete’ stage and refusing to launch...

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Stuck In The Dark In Some Countries

A thread on reddit has revealed that a number of territories outside of the US are experiencing the problem, including South Africa, Serbia, and Singapore, among others. The title has been available in these countries for days, yet despite this Ubisoft have not responded regarding a potential solution to the blackout.

The Splinter Cell community is ablaze on the Ubisoft and Steam forums as they attempt to find out the reason for the delay. Ubisoft community member IssaAlnaimi summed up the feeling in the community stating:

“I have the same problem, and I contacted steam support but still no reply.. Funny thing is, before the release date we knew how long we had to wait, but now we have no idea how long we have to wait until Steam/Ubisoft realise there's a problem and fix it.”

The presumption among the community is that the release date for these regions was set incorrectly, so you may have to wait a little longer to to flex your neck-snapping skills.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist was subject to some very favourable impressions when we got our hands on our copy; the game’s asymmetrical multiplayer providing some of the most intense PvP action of its kind.

Here's the full list of known affected countries:

South Africa

Have you been affected by the delayed unlock? Or have you managed to get it working ok? Let us know below.