We've been swamped with screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V all summer, before we finally got to see the Gameplay trailer we were looking forward to.

As we get closer to the release, we'll be seeing even more trailers - hopefully including the recently removed Cops parody trailer...

GTA V Parody Trailer Removed After Accidental Release

The trailer was found before it was officially released, and has since been pulled from the internet; for how long, no-one knows. The new trailer, named "Gangster", parodies a police reality show "Cops". Full of nudity, chases, and funky music, it sounds like it sums up both Cops and Grand Theft Auto V admirably.

The trailer is unfortunately not available any more, at least through Rockstar's channel. Don't be surprised if the trailer appears unofficially around the internet however.

Did any of you guys manage to watch the trailer before it got removed? Are you guys fans of the TV show Cops? Tell us below!