It's unreal that Grand Theft Auto 5 is nearing it's release date. The years of speculation, leaked information, and sensational news are almost over!

And to satisfy your hunger for GTA V; Rockstar will drop another trailer tomorrow, which they're dubbing "the official" GTA V trailer...

Rockstar haven't stated what time the trailer will go live, but as it is officially released by Rockstar, you can be sure to find it on the GD home page. It's likely however to not appear until 15:00 GMT at the earliest.

The upcoming trailer will be titled the 'official GTA V trailer', likely because this trailer will try to feature (nearly) all aspects of the game, as opposed to just highlighting certain features. Lucky souls might have already caught a glimpse of a trailer that leaked earlier this week, however it is not certain if that and tomorrows trailer are the same.

We PC-gamers still do not have the certainty of a release, however we still have good faith that we'll see it eventually. Currently, GTA V is only announced for the current-gen consoles, to release on September 17th.

Can you stand this teasing as we get closer and closer to the official release? Will tomorrow's trailer be the Parody from earlier? Tell us what you think!