I'm sure many of you had a great time in GTA 4 listening to the in-car radio, so you'll be happy to hear that it's only going to get better!

Alongside this was news that you can now manage your multiplayer Crews in much more detail, with a tiered Hierarchy system...

Grand Theft Auto V will offer you a full fifteen radio stations to choose from; on top of another two which will just be filled with talk shows. Spread across these radio stations you will find more than 240 licensed songs. As well as this, there will be music composed specifically for the game, from people like Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist and Oh No.

If those composers ring a bell, it's probably because you've heard their work before; Woody Jackson worked on the soundtracks for Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire, Tangerine is a German electro-band and The Alchemist and Oh No are rappers & producers. Their influence will be noticeable through the entire game.

For comparison, GTA IV had 19 radio stations (20 on PC) and a little over 200 tracks, again with three talk show stations. It seems as though Rockstar is aiming to add more diversity and tracks to their existing radio-stations, a welcome idea if you ask me.

Crews in GTA V

Once you're happily listening to music, you'll want something to actually do - like play the game with others. Rockstar have announced a new feature that will influence the Crews used for online multiplayer: a tiered Hierarchy system.

Four roles are available, with varying levels of power, helping you make sure you have the right people to keep your crew in check.

Leaders of those crews will be able to assign various roles and responsibilities to crew-members under them. The rank will be visible on a so called 'profile page' for GTA V crews. The crew will mostly be made up of "Muscle", who have no crew powers - although they can still play the full game of course.

Next up the ladder are Representatives, who gain the ability to help out with recruiting for the Crew, but not much else. Lieutenants are one of the first admin ranks, able to hand out promotions to the muscles and representatives and keeping everything in check. Finally, the Commissioners are the highest rank, running the entire Crew and handling the recruitment and promotions; one Commissioner being the Leader of the crew.

With such fine tuning, you won't be limited to just playing with your friends online - join a public group and make some new friends! Do you think these new, reworked Crews will make Grand Theft Auto Online more fun? Are you looking forward to the new radios? Tell us below!