Minecraft is set to get a new World Generator update that will drastically alter terrain generation.

The 1.7 update will change the way worlds are procedurally generated in order to create more logical climate zones and reduced the size of the featureless oceans...

Minecraft Update 1.7 New Clay Biome

This may well mean you’ll have to give up your clifftop cabin with its sea view.

New biomes have been added that will allow for smoother transitions from climate to climate, such as forest giving way to redwood before transitioning to snow. This effect has been accomplished by splitting the biomes into four heat-separated sections; snowy, cold, medium and dry.

The two images below represent the topographical differences between versions 1.6 and 1.7. It does appear that realistic landmasses are out of the question as disparate islands give way to sprawling terrain.

Minecraft 1.6 Biome Map


Minecraft 1.7 Biome Map

Do you prefer the new 'logical climate zones' or will you miss your grog-swilling, sea-shanty singing, voyaging days?