Team Fortress 2 Update Improves Chemistry Sets

Written by Daniel Charnock on Wed, Sep 4, 2013 1:45 PM
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All of you budding chemists out there better listen up because we’ve got news of an update to Team Fortress 2 which is sure to cause a reaction.

Those of you with your finger on the pulse will already know about the previous chemistry set update and this one looks to refine what’s already been done…

At the end of august Valve celebrated the 17th anniversary of Team Fortress, and - even if it was 4 thousand minutes late - released an update with the usual fixes and patches, birthday hats and of course the Chemistry sets. The latest updates will improve the use of Chemistry Sets and their outputs for users.

Here’s all of the updates, straight from the horse’s mouth:


- Added the ability to double-click backpack items to use them in Chemistry Sets

- Fixed clients not always seeing a warning about using not-tradable items in Chemistry Sets

- Fixed not-tradable Strangifiers not applying the not-tradable status to the item they are used on

- Fixed the Gunslinger's taunt kill not counting towards taunt kills on a Strange Gunslinger

- Removed showing the Marked For Death icon over the head of the local player

- Fixed seeing stretched polygons in the HUD 3D Character


The patch is live now and should update the next time you load up.

Have you been playing much TF2 lately? Do you think the Chemistry Sets bring anything new to the game?

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admin approved badge
03:43 Sep-05-2013

I barely play the game :D

06:05 Sep-05-2013

Then you're missing out :D


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