If any of you remember having your favourite Trading Card Game as a child, you probably remember that actually trading could be a hassle; you had to find the person, then hope they had their cards with them.

Steam's trading system has been little different, until now; you can now send trade offers to friends, even when they're offline...

Steam Now Allows Offline Trade Offers

The system is mainly used for the Trading Card system, but most items can be traded, including many in-game items from games such as Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2. Previously, both participants would need to be online for the duration of a trade.

Now, you can package up a trade offer and send it to a friend, allowing them to look at it and accept or deny it in their own time. With simple trades that have already been discussed, this is a fantastic help.

What this system will also do is massively increase the speed of trading for some Trading bot accounts; one example of which was a "take one, leave one" system for the recent DOTA 2 'International 3' tournament player cards, helping you to complete your teams by trading spare cards in.

Multiple trade offers can be sent at once, even if they include the same items; as soon as one is completed, the others automatically expire. Otherwise, trades will only expire after two weeks, or when you cancel them; which should be plenty of time to get a trade completed.

What do you think, will Steam's digital trading system continue to get better? Will we ever see it used to re-sell digital games? Tell us your thoughts!