CD Projekt Red’s Marek Ziemak has stated in an interview that its latest title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is already pushing the new consoles to their absolute limits.

The Witcher 3 is looking set to launch in 2014 which is comparatively very early on in the life cycle so it raises some concerns over the longevity of these consoles compared with PCs...

Will The Witcher 3 Make It To Next Gen With All The Fancy Gubbins?

Ziemak said he “know[s] the game is pretty demanding. Of course, we still have the authorisation phase in front of us, but because of size and density, we are already close to maxing out the equipment. Of course, if we find more workforce in boxes, we will surely use it to make the game even better. I think others share the same opinion as us, if there’s power to be used then why not use it all?”

Ziemak goes on to to confirm that the game world will be around 35 times bigger than that of The Witcher, something we revealed back in February. This level of land mass without any noticeable loading is sure to tax even the most powerful systems.

CD Projekt Red are using a brand new version of their Red Engine 3 that has some significant technological enhancements and tweaks. It allows the system to incorporate the streaming mechanics so that the player can move about the world without seeing any dreaded loading bars.

We have been pretty impressed with that we have seen of The Witcher 3 so far. The game looks truly stunning but do you actually think that they have maxed out what they can achieve from the new consoles already? When you look at the launch titles for Playstation 3 such as Resistance, in comparison to Uncharted 3, you can see the potential that the consoles may have to stretch their legs.

Do you think that the next-gen consoles are potentially dated before they're even released?

How would you feel if this ends up pulling back PC development?