The Humble Weekly Bundle has been bringing us great games, at great prices for some time now, with the added bonus of helping a charity.

This week is no different and Humble’s latest offering is a collection of games from developers Arcen Games…

Humble Weekly Bundle From Arcen Games

Last week’s Humble Weekly Bundle was from Paradox Interactive and they tweeted yesterday that they passed the Million dollar mark. I imagine Arcen are hoping for a similar outcome with their bundle.

As usual you're able to split your contribution between Humble, Arcen and charity. Whatever you pay you’ll get PC or Mac access to: AI War: Fleet Command and all five DLC packs, A Valley Without Wind, A Valley Without Wind 2 and Tidalis.

If you’re willing to stump up the extra cash to make it $5.80 you’ll also receive Shattered Haven and Skyward Collapse plus it’s Nihon No Mura DLC. You’ll also get all the soundtracks thrown in for good measure. It’s over on the Humble Bundle site if you want to take a look.

Is there anything in the bundle that takes your fancy? Let us know!