Each week we get closer to the release of the much anticipated GTA V and each week we’re drip fed a little more about the title.

This time the information comes straight from the source, as new screenshots and trailers were posted on Rockstar’s website…

New GTA V Screens And Trailers Posted By Rockstar

In the guise of “The Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue” the update shows us “why this west coast destination is a fitness buff's paradise, along with an overview on law enforcement and security for your peace of mind”. It also goes on to provide more details on the game’s radio stations and there’s videos of Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force and CNT TV’s fall line-up.

Check out the fun Rockstar’s website for yourself.

Are you enjoying this steady stream of GTA V screens and trailers or would you prefer a ‘less is more’ approach? Let us know.