If any of you were worried about Grand Theft Auto's size and scale, this news should calm your fears - Grand Theft Auto V has the largest budget of any game ever, at $265 million/£170 million.

This far outweighs Grand Theft Auto IV, which clocks in at a measly $100 million; and GTA V is expected to make it all back within weeks...

Grand Theft Auto V Is The Most Expensive Video Game Ever

Analysts expect that GTA V will sell around 25 million copies in it's first year, and it will only take between 5 and 10 million copies to break even. If and when the game is released for PC, it is sure to break the 30 million copy mark.

This budget is the total combined budget, encompassing both development and marketing, and it even surpasses most Hollywood films - for comparison, the sixth Harry Potter film clocked in at less than $250 million, with Inception sitting only a little over $150 million.

There's no question that Grand Theft Auto V is going to be an incredibly strong release, with millions of gamers looking for a copy in time for Christmas.

Have any of you guys pre-ordered a copy yet? Will Rockstar be able to out-do themselves for Grand Theft Auto VI? Tell us your thoughts below.