For those who like their gaming complete and unspoiled, you might want to avert your eyes. The official GTA V strategy guide has arrived at several retailers, and we're sure to see leaks everywhere soon.

The first thing that's shown up is reportedly a scan of the full world map, including points of interest. It may be low quality, but it shows the rough scale of the island, with a lot less city than previous games...

GTA V Guides Arrive In Stores, Shows Off Official Map

The main city of Los Santos only covers around a third of the island, leaving plenty of space for the various beaches, forts and suburbs that fill the remaining areas. The Alamo Sea, sat between the two large mountains on the island, promises to give you picture perfect views any time you visit.

Rail links, roads and dirt tracks litter the map, and you can see the large numbers of Points of Interest; even if we don't know exactly what they are yet. The full leaked image is shown on the right, and we'll hopefully see a better scan soon.

This isn't quite the first look at the GTA V map that we've had, although it is the first from an official source. Fans of the game have already made this 3D view of the island, complete with the few skyscrapers we've seen. The first map made - pictured above - was pieced together from aerial shots from the trailers, and looks surprisingly close to the real thing.

So far, no more information has been leaked, but it's almost certain that we'll see more scans from the strategy guides appearing later this week.

What do you guys think of the map? Are you happy to see more countryside, or does the island feel too desolate and sparse? Tell us your thoughts below.