Killzone Shadow Fall To Ditch XP Gain

Written by Jon Sutton on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 1:15 PM
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Love it or loathe it, career progression is what makes many players come back game after game in online shooters, and there is a certain thrill to be had from getting your latest unlock, or hitting the next level, that is hard to explain.

Despite this, Guerilla Games has taken the bold move of completely doing away with experience gain progression in  its PS4 launch title, Killzone Shadow Fall

Level progression and unlocks have had a presence for years in PC gaming, but with the advent of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came the introduction to consoles of the now infamous ‘treadmill’ approach to online play.

Victor Zuylen, Community Editor at Guerilla Games, explained in a new blog post that the team is doing away with experience in favour of a challenge based system. Completing a challenge will add a point to your rank, and there’s promised to be more than 1500 of them to complete at launch. A mouth-watering prospect for some but on top of this, Guerilla Games promises more challenges through additional free and paid-for content.

Victor said that the challenges range”from straightforward (Destroy 1 Turret) to very specific (Kill 1 enemy player with Laser Tripmine while they are carrying a Beacon).”

He also detailed the new Combat Honors, stackable temporary bonuses that carry with you from game to game until you finish your play session. A reward, surely, for eight-hour binges? For the purists out there, all of the games 22 weapons will be entirely skill-based; there will be no additions to reduce recoil or to help with auto-aim.

Shadowfall is shaping up to be quite a nice addition to the PS4 launch lineup, but do you think it has enough to stand out from the big boys: Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4?

What do you make of scrapping the traditional XP system, do you think games would be better off without any of this at all?

As always, let us know below!


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17:39 Sep-11-2013

No auto aim?!....... Thank YOU!!

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15:08 Sep-11-2013

I'm seriously considering buying a PS4 when it comes out. Shadow Fall would be an excellent first game for this console!


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