Mobile: Trials Frontier To Be Free To Play

Written by Andrew Moynihan on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 9:00 AM
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The Trials games have become rather well known over the years, managing to stand out from the thousands of flash clones that have cropped up.

Developer Redlynx's latest games will be linked across platforms, with the mobile version, Trials Frontier, using a Free to Play system; ensuring everyone can give the game a go...

The head honcho at Redlynx pointed out that having a large community is very useful for a game:

"More players means more competition on the leaderboards, more players able to participate in local and live events, to create and share user-generated content."

The PC and console version of the game, titled Trials Fusion, will be a stand alone game set in a different time, but the two can be linked for rewards. With the mobile Trials Frontier being free, many console players will be interested in trying it, expanding the playerbase even further.

Rather than just biking through levels for your own amusement, Trials Frontier is set in a futuristic world which has fallen back to small villages following a disaster, nestled among the ruins of the past. You'll be able to manage and grow your own village, enjoying a rich storyline with interesting characters.

Naturally though, the difficult levels will be the mainstay of the game, and leaderboards will push you to master them all.

Do you think there's enough new ground in these Trials games to try them out? Do you think there's a space for skill-based games such as Trials on touch-screen mobiles, or do you think it needs controller/keyboard inputs?  Tell us below.

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