GTA V is one of those titles we just don’t grow tired of hearing more about. Whether it’s new trailers, screenshots or information it’s always good to know more.

In a recent interview, Rockstar Co-founder Dan Houser discussed everything from characters, locations and the possibility of a film…

Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser on GTA V

Speaking to The Guardian, Houser goes into detail on a wide variety of topics. He begins by candidly declaring his feelings for the series. "If you were to love any of your children more, you'd certainly love GTA the most".

In the interview he also discusses the hard work and commitment that goes in to a game as massive as GTA V. According to him, what’s needed is passion and to “liven it up” the guys at Rockstar had to make their “lives unpleasant again.”

Only this week, the GTA V map was leaked via the game guide, and according to Houser it’s the creation of this world that ends up being the longest part of the process. The team apparently spent at least 100 days in L.A., researching the lay of the land, and it wasn’t always a pleasant experience:

"Out and about, all night long with weird people, strange cops showing us around, a lot of first-hand research. We spoke to FBI agents that have been undercover, experts in the Mafia, street gangsters who know the slang – we even went to see a proper prison. These poor buggers in the middle of the salt flat desert, miles away. It was eye-openingly depressing."

He goes on to discuss the importance of the three main protagonists in GTA V, and that this allowed them to “create nuanced stories, not a set of archetypes". He mentions that Rockstar wanted to create more believable characters in GTA V; each of the three has his own skill set and so it never seems that you’re playing as a “super-criminal who can do everything effortlessly”.

Finally, we get to hear Houser’s views on the differences between games and films, as well as Rockstar’s feeling on a GTA movie.

In his opinion, what makes games unique is the actual participation. He believes that open-world games take this a step further, as every player is going to have a completely different experience. To Hauser, “when you walk up a hill yourself and see the sun setting on the ocean, that's a lot different to me taking a camera up there and making you see it."

When asked about the possibility of a GTA V movie Houser is pretty clear on the Rockstar stance.

"The money's never been close to be worth risking one's crown jewels. Our small dabblings with Hollywood have always left us running back to games. The freedom we have to do what we want creatively is of enormous value. The second you go near Hollywood, people seem willing, or have been forced, to lose a lot of that control. That sort of amorphous 'that won't test well' attitude is exactly how we don't work. We've always tried to think of stuff that's innovative and new, and to go into a world where that's not encouraged would be horrible."

Instead, Rockstar are giving us an experience that’s 100 hours long where we have the ultimate control. To them, that’s not something that can be put on film.

Houser ends with an interesting thought and something I think many of you will agree with:

"We love games and we think we've got something to say in games, and that games have plenty to say. So shouldn't we just continue doing that?"

What do you think of what houser had to say? Do you still want a movie?