Lord Of The Rings Online Helms Deep Release Date

Written by Daniel Charnock on Sun, Sep 15, 2013 12:00 PM
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Turbine’s ever popular massively multiplayer online role playing game, Lord of the Rings Online, has had its next add-on dated.

Not including all the free updates Turbine give away, The Helm’s Deep expansion will be the fifth paid expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, and will be released on November 18…

Since it’s release in 2007 and going Free-To-Play in 2010 Lord of the Rings Online has been going from strength to strength and the periodic expansions released by Turbine are a great way for it to stay fresh.

The Helms Deep expansion was announced back in April and will allow you access to territories including the Westemnet of Rohan, Helm’s Deep’s Hornburg fortress, Dunharrow and Edoras. It’ll also increase the level cap from 85-95.

The update doesn't come cheap but it does bag you loads of content and there’s two options for you to choose from:


The $39.99 Base Edition includes:

- Hauberk of the Hammerhand (exclusive Rohirrim Chestpiece)

- Enforcer of Helm (exclusive in game Rohirrim Title)

- 1000 Turbine Points

- Token of the Hornburg (Grants +25% Monster XP and crafting XP)

- The Steed of the Hammerhand (exclusive Rohirrim mount)


If that’s a little puny, the $59.99 Premium Edition will bag you:

- Armour of the Hammerhand (exclusive Rohirrim armour)

- Enforcer of Helm (exclusive in game Rohirrim Title)

- Avenger of Helm (exclusive in game Rohirrim Title)

- 2000 Turbine Points

- Quest Log slots: +10 (Number of active quests increased by ten)

- Crystal of Remembrance (adds an additional legacy to your legendary item)

- Shield of the Hammerhand (exclusive Rohirrim shield)

- Exclusive Rohan mount bundle (Rohirrim mount and war steed appearance)


What do you think of the new Helm’s Deep expansion? Are you still playing Lord of the Rings Online?


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admin approved badge
08:19 Sep-16-2013

It was on cd in my HD7850 box, I never tried it :-)

admin approved badge
17:58 Sep-15-2013

This game was pretty good actually though i haven't touched it in a year or so. might be picking this up with if they sell a bundle with all the expansions

15:21 Sep-15-2013

This is a really good MMO imo and I played it for almost 2 years. Even though it is a good game, for me it became a little bit boring. Now im waiting ESO and probably wont buy this expansion.


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