Don’t get too excited just yet, but it seems there’s a few rumours bubbling beneath the surface that GTA V is indeed due to see release on PC and Playstation 4.

Take this with a fistful of salt, but a 4Chan user has been rooting around the code from a torrent site and unearthed the source code pictured below...

GTA V Surely Heading To PC Eventually

Being a PC owner is great, but occasionally a game comes along that seems determined to make you suffer for that choice, and GTA V is that game; for now at least. A recent petition shows that demand among the PC community is rising, with 360,000 signatures already for a PC release. 

This latest leak appears to show different platforms, citing PC and Orbis builds. 

The Playstation 4 operating system is codenamed Orbis, which is leading many to believe this indicates that it could be seeing the light of day on the next-gen system, as well as PC. Despite these two platforms being named there isn't any word on an Xbox One version.

Rockstar are remaining extremely tight-lipped about the existence of any other versions of the game, clearly not wanting to ruin the impetus that they are having with Grand Theft Auto V’s release.

So is this evidence enough for some of you to hold off from picking up GTA V on PS3 or Xbox 360 tomorrow, or can you not resist the lure of San Andreas?