It's been a long time coming but GTA V has finally hit the store shelves, but once again we've been given no hint of a PC release.

While console owners revel in the open world shenanigans of Los Santos, PC gamers are left wondering what Rockstar has against them. To help Rockstar see what they are missing, here are our top 10 reasons why GTA V should come to PC...

GTA V PC Would Have A Better Draw Distance

There is no doubt that a huge proportion of PC gamers are keen to play GTA V. Just yesterday we reported that a petition for a PC edition of the game had reached 360,000 and it's now sitting pretty at almost 400,000 signatures. Later, a 4chan user posted images of code taken from the Xbox 360 version of the game that seemed to confirm that there would be a PC version.

As dubious as you might be of details posted on 4chan, it does seem likely that we'll be seeing a PC edition at some point in the future considering the historical facts. Although a Grand Theft Auto game hasn't debuted on PC since GTA 2, each game since then has found its way to PC. If we're to take those dates into account we should hopefully see a release by Spring/Summer next year. 

Until then, have a read of our 10 reasons why Rockstar should bring GTA 5 to PC:


GTA 5 on PC Will Benefit From Improved Graphics

One big advantage of PC gaming is that any given game will run on a near infinite number of different setups. If you look at many of the tail end releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 they’ll run reasonably well on even basic modern PCs. This opens the market up and could give many people portable access to GTA V on their laptops. Making GTA 5 a portable option for those of us wanting to take GTA 5 on holiday.

Perhaps most importantly for many is the improvements in the games visual appearance, which we would enjoy should we get to run GTA V on a high end PC rig. Let’s face it, the current gen consoles are looking pretty dated these days and if you really want to show off a game, PC is the place to do it. The advances in GPUs since the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been huge, and you’ll have a great looking game that you’re able to run at much higher resolutions than the native 720p possible on the console versions.


GTA 5 on PC Could Make Use of Multi-Screen Gaming

Picture the scene. You’re cruising down Hollywood Boulevard taking in the sights when you hear a crunching noise. Don’t worry, it’s just the rear of your car being trampled by a tank. BOOM. PCs have support for multi-screen technology, wouldn’t it be great to possibly hook up some extra monitors and get video feeds from all around you, giving you that criminal edge?


GTA 5 on PC Would Be A Better Bang For Your Buck: Its all about the money

Need I say more. Rockstar can’t ignore the fact that the PC gaming market is huge. Capable PCs are forever becoming more affordable, thus broadening the gaming market. All evidence points to PC gaming going from strength to strength, and a large portion of that market will likely invest in GTA 5. It’s unclear the number of PC sales GTA IV accrued, but you can guarantee it was a hefty chunk of total sales. Simply put, it’s a no brainer for Rockstar: GTA V on PC will sell and sell well, they just need to hurry up about it. Not only that but GTA 5 on PC will be a cheaper purchase option for gamers, as PC titles usually release for around $10 less than console versions, further opening up the reach for people to buy a copy.


GTA 5 on PC Will Have Faster Loading Times

Load times on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are by no means terrible, but one aspect that could surely use improving is switching between the three playable characters. The game is mighty impressive for what it’s achieved on this ageing tech but there’s only so much they can squeeze out of them wondrous little boxes. Many PC gamers now have solid state drives which allow for rapid access to information and huge chunks of RAM, potentially making load times in GTA V a thing of the past. Instant switching of characters would be much more intuitive and gratifying don’t you think?


GTA 5 PC Fans Are Loyal Fans

One of the most important factors that game developers and publishers should be considering is their fans in the long term. We get the feeling that they often don’t. As proven by the success of the online petition for GTA V, PC gamers love GTA. Since the original top-down format released 16 years ago, the series has accrued a huge PC fanbase. In fact, considering where Grand Theft Auto began, GTA V should really be released on PC first, not the other way around.


GTA 5 Can Be Played Using Awesome PC Peripherals

It’s all very well and good giving us hundreds of vehicles to drive, fly, sail, cycle and glide with, but where’s the tools to do it like a genuine GTA PC ninja. GTA V on PC would potentially offer great levels of customisation, meaning we can overload our USB ports with all manners of devices. Why settle on using a keyboard to fly your passenger jet, when a flight-stick is a PC peripheral option? Would a Sunday afternoon cruise around Mount Chiliad not be significantly improved armed with steering wheel and pedals? If [Felix - When] GTA V makes it to PC the choices will be there, and I for one can’t wait to turn my office into a GTA gaming den of peripheral toys.


GTA V on PC Will Get Great Mods: As The Amazing PC Modding Community Will Open Her Up

The problem with console gaming is that once you’ve been everywhere, done everything and bought the DLC there’s often not much more you can do in a game. Not so for PC, and modding has long been an integral part of PC gaming. Some of the mods that we’ve seen from GTA 4 are fantastic, terrifying and hilarious in equal measures and we would expect more of the same for GTA V once the GTA modders get their hands on the code.


GTA 5 on PC Will Have Better Aiming Controls

Everybody loves keyboard + mouse controls and the denizens of Los Santos are no different. Automatic aiming and lock-on is all well and good but we here at Game-Debate prefer the finer things in life. Accurate, razer-sharp aiming is one of those luxuries. When GTA 3 finally landed on PC the mouse aim was a god-send, and we expect it be no different on GTA 5. Nothing beats zooming down GTAs Malibu beach in someone else’s Maserati, while emptying your Uzi into the car giving chase behind you.


GTA 5 on PC Will Have Far Bigger Multiplayer

If you’re playing any GTA game, chances are you’re after that big, in your face, experience. It stands to reason then that you’ll want the multiplayer to be just as overblown.

GTA IV’s multiplayer allowed for 8 more players on PC than the 24 allowed on console. GTA 5 has reduced this multiplayer number to 16. Surely any PC GTA 5 edition would allow more online players than console for a larger scale online experience, and that can never be a bad thing.


GTA 5 on PC Will Have Improved FPS and Draw Distance

As touched upon earlier, the key selling point of PC gaming is its level of scaleability. If you want to push a game to its limits you can get a top dollar PC and do that, but you can also scale back a bit and get good performance for a very reasonable price. One thing that all PC games have over their console counterparts is the ability to provide rock-steady frame rate. Console games are constantly trying to push their graphics to the next level, while sacrificing frame rates, but with a PC version of GTA V, the choice is yours. Do you want the game to look stunning and don’t mind the occasional stutter in frame rates? Then whack the GTA 5 settings up to high on your PC. Alternatively, silky smooth GTA 5 frame rates can be yours if you have a powerful enough PC set-up or are willing to lower some of the settings. The choice is down to you.


Felix - So Rockstar, if you are listening to the PC gaming community, we have given you some solid things to think about, because PC gamers the world over are stepping from foot to foot in anticipation, waiting to hear you say, "GTA 5 is coming to PC". PC is your roots and we want to give you our money.


As usual, we want to know what guys think. Obviously this list isn't exhaustive, so if you've got your own reasons why Grand Theft Auto 5 should come to PC, let Rockstar and us know in the comments section below!