GTA V is suffering significant performance problems for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games who choose to install the game.

Xbox 360 owners have been advised to only install only one of the discs, while any Playstation 3 own who gets GTA 5 off of the PSN is stuck with a number of graphical glitches that dramatically impact how the game looks…

Highlights The Streaming Texture Difference Between Disc And Download

Having the game installed on your hard drive essentially causes pop-up, texture and frame-rate issues with the best-selling game.

The digital versions clearly have issues with low-resolution textures and pop-in, with a very noticeable delay in texture streaming in comparison to the disc copies. Entire buildings flicker in and out of view which can take you out of the experience, shattering any sense of immersion.

The digital version is currently available for £49.99 on the PSN, while the better-quality physical product is available for £37 in some stores. This seems like a marked difference in price for what is an inferior product at the end of the day.

The PS3 also has the problem of widespread corrupted downloads, with many users get error code 80029563 when they try to download their hotly anticipated purchase.

In Tuesday’s article on the 10 Reasons Why GTA 5 Should Release On PC, we highlighted the scaleability of PC gaming and how we could expect improved FPS and draw distance with the right rigs.

This, along with better loading times and improved graphics, look more and more to be reasons to wait a while for a definitive version on PC or next-gen consoles.

How many of you are holding out for the PC release, where we can hopefully expect none of these problems?

Have any of you downloaded GTA V and experienced any of these issues?

If you've got any thoughts on the matter then let us known below!