Valve has released a collection of eight new maps for Counter Strike: Global Offensive in an event to support custom map developers.

The map-pack, dubbed Operation Bravo, can be accessed after purchasing a Bravo ticket from the Global Offensive Store, and are exclusive to purchasers until January 14th...

Previously Valve supported map developers with the Operation Payback map-pack. Operation Payback provided seven top rated maps that could be played on the casual mode on Valve's official servers from April 25th to August 31st 2013.

Operation Bravo features 8 top rated community maps including popular competitive map, de_cache. The new maps are all top-rated community maps from the Steam Workshop. The full list of maps is as follows: Agency, Ali , Cache, Chinatown, Gwalior, Ruins, Siege, and Seaside.

These maps are playable on death-match, classic and competitive modes unlike Operation Payback, where the maps were only playable in casual mode.

In addition to the maps, Valve has added a new set of weapon skins and a case through the game's timed-drop system, based upon the Operation Bravo maps. Bravo case is available to anyone on any mode, but if you happen to own the Operation Bravo pass you'll get a huge drop rate increase.

Those who purchase Operation Bravo also get an upgradeable Operation Bravo Coin, which contains information on play-time and other statistics while the promotion runs.

Operation Bravo is currently available to purchase on Steam for $5.99.

Will any of you be picking this map-pack up?

Have you switched to Global Offensive or do you prefer older versions of classic Counter-Strike?

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