Just in case anyone was still under the impression that Grand Theft Auto 5 is not the biggest, brashest, most talked about game of the year, new figures reiterate its incredible dominance.

With the game that broke $1 billion in sales in just three days still generating headlines, we've broken down the numbers for you.

GTA V Made A Billion Dollars In 3 Days

GTA V – The Stats

- It may have only been on sale three weeks, but GTA V has already beaten the lifetimes sales numbers of its immediate predecessor. This is in spite of the fact the fact that GTA IV was also available on PC (whilst a PC GTA V is yet to be confirmed despite our compelling arguments.)

- Rockstar's smash hit already holds the record for the fastest selling UK title, selling just over 1.57 million units in its first day and 2.25 million in the first 5 days, generating revenue to the tune of £65 million. To put this in perspective, the previous first day sales record was held by Call of Duty: Black Ops, which sold 1.41 million units and grossed £58 million back in November 2010.

- These latest UK numbers also indicate that the title is now the 12th biggest selling game of all time, and the game could end up ranking a lot higher as units continue to fly off the shelves.

- Not only has the game smashed previous GTA sales figures, but Sony have also confirmed that it has beaten The Last of Us to become the biggest ever release on PSN. The fact was unveiled today on the EU PlayStation blog, although specific figures for the digital platform's sales have not yet been given.

So what do you think? Will GTA V squeeze out a second billion in revenue?

Are there any upcoming titles that you think might give GTA a run for its money?