Those of you who enjoy punching through three feet of solid granite like it were an unwanted trifle, before strangling an unsuspecting guard on the other side, are in luck. PC gamers will be able to upgrade their digital copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the new Director’s Cut from just £3.49, thanks to publisher Square Enix announcing a cheap upgrade plan.

Originally announced as a Wii U exclusive way back when, the Director’s Cut version of the game comes packing a whole host of game improvements, DLC and other assorted tidbits, making this upgrade deal look like serious bang for your buck…

Human Revolution's Always Satisfying Wall Punch Augmentation

Owners of Deus Ex and Missing Link DLC can grab the Director's Cut for £3.49/$4.99. Players who own the game without the missing link DLC can buy it for £6.99/$9.99 and those who don't own the game can purchase the Director's Cut for £12.99/$19.99. The upgrade offer only applies to those who own the Steam version of the augmentation-based stealth game.

Square Enix’s Phil Elliot said in a blog posting that it’s “Pretty straightforward, and that means that if you did invest in Human Revolution in the past, we’re not trying to stitch you up with the Director’s Cut, m’kay?”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a fantastic game marred by a few minor faults when it released back in 2011, but Eidos Montreal has seen fit to iron out these quibbles to give you the best experience possible.

The Director’s Cut looks to be bringing significantly more to the table than the usual slapdash game of the year editions cropping up with alarming regularity; the reworked titled has been in development for 18 months.

The full game will include the Missing Link DLC, the Explosive Mission Pack, the Tactical Enhancement Pack as well as a New Game Plus mode that keeps all your unlocked augmentations intact, as well as an optional developer commentary, that sounds much like those handheld sets you get given while walking around museums, giving a bit more detail on how the game was created.

As well as this there have been numerous enhancements to the gameplay, in particular the boss fights, some of which placed a heavy emphasis on having combat-focus modifications to have any chance of beating. Now you can kill all of the bosses without firing a single bullet, harking back to the Deux Ex games of yore, where with enough persistence and deliberation you could ‘ghost’ your way through entire levels - Stick that in your pipe Sam Fisher.

Back in August 2011 we gave the game an impressive 9/10, so any improvements to the formula should help elevate the title to absolute classic status. 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is set to launch on Steam on 22nd October in the US and three days later on the 25th in Europe.