Wishing that real life was more like game life is nothing new to gamers, but it's not every day that those desires end up in national newspapers.

UK Newspaper The Sun – not exactly renowned for truth-focussed investigative journalism – recently included a small item about a new and revolutionary medical breakthrough called “cybernetic implants” by a company called “Sarif Industries”...

Convincing: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Used Hyper Real Images Like This In Their Marketing

Deus Ex: Human Revoultion's marketing team can be proud of their efforts.

Their “hyperreal” promotional posters were obviously convincing, since it seems that the paper thinks the game's fictional technology is real, and that although although Sarif Industries' “technology is in its infancy” it “will be commonplace to our grandkids”.

We might not be able to say definitively what will and will not be commonplace fifty years in the future, but we'd be pretty surprised if it turned out Sarif Industries was at the centre of it.

Let's just hope no one shows any of The Sun's journalists headcrabs, or we might have a media panic on our hands.

What do you think of The Sun's amusing blunder? What fictional technologies would you like to see make the transfer from game world to real life?

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