Pro Evo 2010 Demo in Detail

Written by Felix Nova on Thu, Sep 17, 2009 1:46 PM
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  • The game has licenced music!  When you load the demo, copyright notices come up for the featured artists contained within the demo: The Chemical Brothers, Kaiser Chiefs, The Telephones, and Delphic.  Something PES has been missing for years!
  • The presentation is fantastic; slick, responsive, attractive.
  • Although you can only select ‘Exhibition’ on the main menu, there is a ‘Community’ section which is greyed out in the demo.
  • The demo can be played with up to four players
  • The graphics are great, very solid and detailed.  Players stand and move like their real life counterparts… Check out the classic Gerrald stance.
  • No commentary on the demo
  • Penalties are now taken from a side-on camera, and you get a brief tutorial screen for how to take and save penalties - you are now told to use the dpad for direction.  The keeper feels much more responsive for penalties.
  • You can move the keeper a couple of sidesteps left and right along the goal line at a penalty.
  • Attacking player runs are much improved, you can really watch them striding alongside and infront of you for the ball.  INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMENT
  • The pause menu sounds are much more subtle and quieter than previous versions, this is a great change imo.
  • The 360-direction movement feels nice.  I was worried it would take some getting used to, but it just makes movement feel smoother and less on rails.
  • When taking a corner, the camera is in the same place as usual (behind the player taking the corner), but the camera now moves to the penalty box a lot quicker and smoother than before.  Nice touch.
  • Player animations when receiving and passing the ball are much improved.
  • I cannot remember if this was in PES 2009, but their are now linesmen who run along the lines alongside your players.
  • The crowd interaction is much better.  The crowd now cheers and claps when you make a vital tackle in your own half, and excitement builds audibly when you’re in the oppositions box.
  • The ball physics seem more real than ever.
  • There is no movie or adverts after you play a match, so you can keep playing demo games over and over.

Thanks for the informed insights William.

The demo link has been added to our game details page here

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