Thousands of PC gamers clearly left common sense behind when they download a whopping 18GB installer that promised to be the version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Clearly forgetting that the game had yet to even be announced for PC yet, a hideously naive few opened the door and welcomed in what is in all likeliness the atomic bomb of spyware downloads…

Naive Downloaders Now Know Their PCs Spyware Is Out To Get Them

Clearly there are millions of PC gamers out there who can’t wait for GTA V to make its way to their beloved boxes, in fact, over 600,000 have signed an online petition for it. By downloading a suspicious 18GB file, however, some have taken this self-expression a little too literally, effectively sending their PCs out to die on the battlefield like lambs to the slaughter. As it is there has been no officially announced PC version of GTA V, so we can only hazard a guess that this hefty 18GB download came packing nothing but an entire hive of viruses.

The download certainly looks legit, and so does the installer, taking you right up to the last possible moment of installation to ask for your personal details in exchange for an elusive serial key. There is no doubt that by then the damage has most definitely been done already.

This download has tricked many users thanks to appearing like the real deal on torrent sites; it’s a verified, unreported, high SEO ranking torrent that to all intents and purposes could be the game. Except it hasn’t been announced yet.

Obviously it stands to reason that if you haven’t had enough of being an idiot by then, filling in your personal details will of course still mean you won’t get to play GTA V on your PC - make that ‘ex-PC’. There’s a lesson in life tucked away there somewhere, I’m sure of it...

Have any of you been one of those unfortunate enough to download this super-sized virus?

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