Dead Island Microstutter Temp fix

Written by The_ReApEr_ZA on Thu, Sep 8, 2011 8:53 PM
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While browsing the Nvidia forums, I found this link ( to the steam forums that supposedly fixes microstutter in Dead Island. I do not know if it works or not, but though it might be some usefull info for some of you guys or girls.


Here is the post and fix:

"Source of Microstuttering Found (Not Multiplayer or Performance-Related)

The microstuttering is caused by the keyboard input for many of us. For example, the game microstutters whenever you use your keyboard (especially for movement). The game could be running @ 60fps but would look choppy and more like 30fps. Again, only when using the keyboard and most noticeable when strafing.
Using other input devices, like a controller, eliminates the microstutter because the keyboard is not being used.
Want to test it? If you are experiencing this microstutter, map your LMB as one of your strafe right/left functions. So whenever you press your left mouse button, you strafe left or right. When strafing with the mouse, the movement is totally smooth (assuming you're pulling 60fps). When strafing with the keyboard, it is the opposite (no matter how many frames you're running at).
Note : This particular stutter is not related to the game searching for multiplayer games to join, so turning the game to single player or LAN does not work. It is also not related to v-sync or bad performance. 
The issue is caused by the speed of "repeat" key strokes on your keyboard. For a quick fix, you must DISABLE repeat keystrokes while in the game. Our very own Ersatz Nihilist came up with the quick fix after I discovered what was causing this. Here is his quick fix:
Originally Posted by Ersatz Nihilist
Enter the Ease of access centre (this can be accessed through Accessories after clicking Start), then click 'Make the Keyboard Easier to use'
Click 'Set Filter Keys'.
Click 'Set up Filter Keys'.
Click 'Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys',and then on 'Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys'. Select the option to ignore all repeated keystrokes, and reduce the time option at the top to 0.0 seconds.
Go back.
Ensure that 'Turn on Filter Keys' is ticked at the top and apply. Dead Island now runs smoothly, when you're done, untick the box and apply.
Hope this helps.
Do this while you run Dead Island, and you run it smoothly with no microstuttering. Be sure to untick the box to allow repeat strokes when you are done playing, or else you may get irritated when typing."
Thats the original post from steam. I hope it is something useful. I have not played this game yet, so I really don't know if it works or not.

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