Skyrim creator Bethesda and Minecraft empresarios Mojang have teamed up for an official content pack inspired by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Speaking at Minecon 2013 today, the companies announced the joint-venture that will see the pack launching as DLC for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, featuring a whole host of Skyrim themed goodies…

The pack is currently still in development but is apparently coming soon, meshing together the themes of Skyrim with the totally unique aesthetic pixelated world of Minecraft. The full pack will include an exclusive Skyrim texture set for the block-dropping title that can also be applied to any existing world that’s been created.

As well this the bulging pack will include forty iconic Skyrim character skins, a Skyrim themed menu, UI and inventory, as well as the full Skyrim score to accompany your cubic high-fantasy adventures. The skins cover all the classics, from pixellated Dragonborn to blocky Stormguards. Three pre-made worlds have also been bundled in, giving players the chance to roam pixellated versions of some of Skyrims most iconic locales, including Whiterun, Riverwood and Bleak Falls Barrow.

4J Studios is responsible for the Xbox editions of the game and after the incredible the sales the title has seen on Live has decided to produce themed content packs. It start two months ago with the Mass Effect and Minecraft mashup, but it appears 4J Studios aren't finished yet. 

The DLC will be launching 'sometime soon', for $4 on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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