365 Days Of Gaming - Day 308: Green Grappler

Written by Viktor Muller on Wed, Nov 6, 2013 4:00 PM
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We're on day 308 of OSUBoarder's 365 Days of Gaming project: the impressive year-long mission by our diligent blogger to play and write about one game per day. Today's game is sidescrolling platformer Green Grappler, a game made by developer Darkbits in 72 hours for the Speedhack 2010 competition.

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Green Grappler

                With hours of classes and schoolwork taking up my day, I have taken a liking to games that are simple yet fun and do not require much in terms of time commitment to enjoy. One day I found myself playing Tetris for probably 4-5 hours throughout the day between classes. Games like Desktop Dungeons and Dungelot are other games that I have looked at through the course of this project that were fun yet simple in their design. For the last day or so I have found myself fascinated with Green Grappler, a simple game built in a sidescrolling platformer style with a look that is reminiscent of a Gameboy Color game.

                In Green Grappler you play as the grappler, a character that can get around with the use of his grappling tool and the proper application of physics. Each level will test your skill and reaction times as you avoid traps and swing to victory. In each level there is a nuclear reactor at the end that is your end goal. The city is falling apart and the reactors need to be stabilized in the eight main areas to clean it up and save the day. In order to make it to the reactor you will mostly be using the application of the grappler along with some general running and jumping. At first glance it seemed like I would finish the game a few minutes but I soon found out just how wrong I was. Green Grappler has some levels that seem almost impossible at first until you really get the hang of timing the grappler and timing your jump arch. I liked that you do not have to complete most of the levels in order so if you are getting frustrated with one you can move onto another so you can be frustrated at that one. While it may not seem like it, I assure you that all of the levels are possible to complete though I cannot promise that your keyboard will stand up to the frustrated fist pounding.

                There is not much else to this game but I enjoy a quick game here and there that I do not have to devote hours to in order to enjoy it. The only real complaint I had about this game was that I could not find out how to turn the music down or turn it off. I like to listen to Pandora when I play games and it’s a little distracting when you have the electronic arcade music playing over your radio classics. This is really only a minor complaint because I am picky when it comes to listening to my music. I could also just be stupid and didn’t see how to change it. Anyway, Green Grappler is the little game that has grappled my attention today while I should have been studying. If you too want to procrastinate, you can find this game here.

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08:27 Nov-06-2013

Nice game to work on your Ninja Rope skills before playing Worms :D


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