The anger seething from the internet was palpable last week, when Halloween came and went without a sign of Diretide. The DotA 2 event was clearly missed by a very vocal community; you could almost reach out and touch the rage exploding from social network sites as DotA players contemplated a Halloween stuck with just horror films and candy.

Luckily, after some of the most hilariously over the top campaigning seen on the internet, Valve has ceded defeat and a Diretide event is set to launch with the next update to DotA 2…

Diretide was an event introduced for last year’s Halloween that brought a brand new game mode in tow, with players battling for candy while attempting to avoid the clutches of the hideous Roshan. To say that Diretide was enjoyed by the player-base would be an understatement, and not bringing it back for this year was always going to be a little contentious; hell hath no fury like a DotA player scorned, as they say.

The internet protest got a little out of hand, it could be said. '' was launched to rally the baying masses, and pretty soon even car manufacturer Volvo was involved thanks to a rogue typo, tweeting “Valve, hats are great, but the people want Diretide!” From here, things began to get even more ridiculous as Barack Obama’s Facebook page was spammed with requests for Diretide, before taking a turn to the sinister when Valve’s very own Matthew Bailey’s mobile number was leaked, prompting him to tweet “If any one else calls my personal number with harassment I will honestly have to start looking at getting the police involved.” Passionate would be putting it lightly.

Nevertheless, it appears the storm has passed and the DotA 2 community has won, with Valve announcing via the DotA 2 blog page that it had made a mistake and then “compounded the problem by not telling you what was going on.

The DotA team explained that they have a huge update in the works that was intended to be finished in time for Halloween, and “Stopping that update to work on Diretide seemed like something you would actually be unhappy with us for.

It seems Valve underestimated how much the playerbase wanted the special event, but rest assured Diretide will be coming with the next update, packing a number of changes that promise to shake the gameplay up and make it even more fun than before.

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